things i like

Time sync

Take a photo of with your phone. Syncing your cameras isn’t necessary.


I’ll have two 64GB SD cards for you.


Shoot complimentary during portraits. If I’m 50, shoot 85 or 135m.

Nothing wider than 24mm please.


Family portraits: shoot from the side and tight. Try to get candids where people will love the way they look — especially parents.

If you have an idea during couple portraits, whisper it to me. I’ll let you try anything before we switch locations or pose.

I may have you hold some flashes during the portrait sessions.

If we are moving locations and my bag is on the floor, try to grab it so I can stay engaged with the couple.


Ceremony: focus on tights and try to get crowd reactions.

Try to stay 90 degrees from where I’m at. If I’m left go middle. If I’m middle go right.

Grip & Grins

During the cocktail hour, make it a point to try to get every set of guests. If people are standing next to each other just have them get close.

2-3 shots of each should be enough.


Portrait oriented 50mm shots and a wide should be plenty.

First timer?

If we haven’t shot together before, let’s meet ~20 minutes to discuss game plan.

Have fun

Anything else I really don’t care for. Have fun. Dance with guests. Whateva.