I showed these photos to a friend and she exclaimed, “they look so happy!” I couldn’t find a better way to describe Aubrey and Patrick. From their engagement session at Treaty Oak Distilling Ranch to their wedding at Brodie Homestead, it was a treat to photograph their playfulness. One of my memorable moments was during portraits when asked to get cozy, Aubrey buried her face in Patrick’s beard. We’ve since gone out for drinks and Aubrey texts me ridiculous versions of our “Perfect 10” joke.

There’s someone you’ve met and they’re a perfect 10. They are emotionally, physically and personality perfect for you in every way except they only talk to you through a puppet. Do you date them?

hanging wedding dress at brodie homestead

groomsmen getting ready

pre wedding cocktails

unique wedding shoes

wedding excitement

happy bridesmaid

first look groom

first look pinch

first look happiness

groom tears

bride on her wedding day

first look couple at wedding

tattooed bride

outside portraits

austin wedding venues

brodie homestead portraits

top austin wedding venues

wide shot of brodie homestead

brodie homestead first kiss

brodie homestead bride

brodie homestead sunset

brodie homestead first dance

brodie homestead reception

brodie homestead dancing

brodie homestead unique

brodie homestead sparkler exit



Gorgeous work, Rob!!! Love the night portraits!

Thank you Nadine! I’m glad you like them!

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